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S A V E  M Y  L I F E ! 

Sometimes we have one waiting to find a loving home!
(none at the moment)
We don't have to tell you how sad it is to see all those free-ranging dogs and puppies, prone to be run over, chased from everywhere, seeking some food and shelter. Some are lucky to find a charitable soul who rescues AND adopts one or even more. Here are their stories.
Please! Do not rescue a dog or puppy if you don't want to adopt it! Its temporary happiness will end the day you leave. Shelters are crammed full. Rescue AND adopt or leave it where it is!

2018 Raija and Markku (Finland) rescued and adopted GRANDY three years ago. Read the news they've just send us: "Greetings from the warm Oulu. Grandy won the Speed ​​Contest. In the competition, dogs ate sausage pieces on the track. The fastest and most intelligent was Grandy. Thank you for your wonderful help almost three years ago, Raija and Markku. "

07-2015 This is a little girl we kept for a while and which became famous! The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, The Independent, Huffington Post, … ITV, they all tell Pepper’s story, a stray female dog in Crete and how she was rescued and adopted by young Plymouth student Georgia Bradley. A week after arriving back in the UK, Pepper, who is believed to be a Terrier Poodle cross, gave birth to six puppies!
The latest news is that Pepper has been nominated for an Animal Hero Award. Georgia and her boyfriend John have been invited to London to attend an award ceremony on the 21st October. The press loved Pepper's story and "things went a bit mad", so says Georgia! Why an award? On Google, type “pepper dog crete” to read the full story published by those numerous newspapers!
And this is the latest news!

OUR STAR PEPPER SHINES AT THIS YEAR’S ANIMAL HERO AWARD event held in London on October 21, 2015, sponsored by The Daily Mirror and the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection against Cruelty to Animals)

I quote: “The second RSPCA sponsored award - the Hero Animal of the Year - went to PEPPER the protective stray which protected holiday maker Georgia Bradley when two men approached her on a remote stretch of beach in Crete.”


A few little stories. Scroll down to read the older ones and see our other website for more.
05-2016  Meri from Finnland enjoyed her holidays in Kolimbari, but was very unhappy to find three abandoned puppies next to the hotel. She fed them; asked and phoned everywhere to try to find a shelter, without success. She called her friends and colleagues at home, urging them to adopt one and she succeeded. One of her friends in Finnland, Mina, found us on Internet and called us, asking us to go and collect the puppies, which we did. Those three rascals are staying with us until early July, when Mina and her husband will come to Crete for a few days, just to pick them up and bring them home. Here they are: Mina at the back belongs to Minna, Kriti, in front (also called kreetan tyttö meaning Cretan girl) to Sirpa and Molly, the darkest goes to Petra's house.
05-2016 Glenn from Belgium found Filos also in Kolimbari, rescued him and adopted him. Not a surprise! He's really a very cute little boy. He'll stay with us for nearly one month and Glenn will come back to Crete end of June to pick him up and bring him home. That's what we call love!
02-2016  Six in a pack! Jo-Anne (UK) rescued Mitsy, a little female. You can imagine her surprise when she gave birth to six puppies while still in Crete. Mitsy left us after a short while to go to UK, but the six rascals stayed with us for a month or so waiting to be socialized, microchipped and vaccinated before leaving. Here they are: Bunnie, Pepe, Miyah, Bessie, Hattie & Trixie.

01-2016 PRINCE is a lion with a magnificent coat and an equally magnificent character, gentle and soft, accepting all other dogs to play with. He is about 3 years old, was rescued by a lady and was waiting for a new home with active owners. Dutch people saw his picture and adopted him. A big, big thanks to them!

MOTO is a beautiful but huge male dog about one year old, who's owners return to Canada early February 2016. They would like to find a family to adopt him. He needs exercise, space and active owners. He accepts all other dogs, small and tall to play with. We had him inside our house for some time during the summer and he turned out to be as affectionate and friendly as he is huge. He found a lovely home in The Netherlands and will be educated as a therapeutic dog for retarded children. Isn't that fantastic! 
12-2015 The Animal Welfare Association of Chania rescued Moka. She staid with us for a while waiting to join her new home in München, Germany.
10-2015 October: Skilos (male) and his sister Souda were rescued in Kalives by Paul (Gloucestershire, UK)
Grandy lived on the beach in Kolimbari and broke the heart of Markku & Raija from Oulu in Finland, 600km north of Helsinki! He is there now! Beautiful, but brrrr!!!!!
Ted & Bear are two inseparable friends and were rescued by Teresa (UK) in Stavros on Akrotiri

Finaly, Val & Steve fell in love with Maia Grace Disson of Saint-Marina, found in Agia Marina and decided to take it home to Hartlepool. Isn't she cute? And noble!

09-2015 September is a Swedish month: Idi was rescued and adopted by Peter & Gunilla in Västerås; Lucky by Veronica in Hogenvagen; Jake & Pepper by Maria & Roland in Munkedal. We were desperate to succeed in taking a picture of those two rascals.

Italians are great dog lovers too! Sally went to Bergamo with Mirco & Lyudmylla.
Fiona & Martin took beautiful little Billy back home in Amsterdam.
Little black Joey went to Falkirk in Scotland to stay with Triana. Lucky you!
Dafni Ninefifteen of Kamisiana, that's the name we gave her to sound important, was rescued by a young Greek girl in Kamisiana in September 2015 and found a caring home in UK.

08-2015 Early August seems to be  a Dutch week. Margreet rescued and adopted Luna, which is already home and Fiona and Martin rescued and adopted little Billy, which will stay with us until early September.

07-2015 Lindsay spend her holidays in Platanias and fell in love with Lucky. She asked us to collect her and take care of her till she was allowed to travel. Lindsay will have a marvelous little companion!
Teresa & Duncan rescued 4 puppies which stayed with us for a while. They took 2 with them going back home, Ocean & Buffy; 2 others had to wait before traveling, Phebe & Mythos. They're going home together with Lucky on Saturday, 1st of August.

07-2014 Femke & Ramon from The Netherlands rescued and adopted Shadow, a very friendly and playful dog. It stayed with us for 3 weeks before flying to its new home country, where it was warmly welcomed by its new owners. Lucky you!
Look how beautiful he is 5 months later! (12-2014)

05-2014 Julie found Barney, about 4 weeks old, on her doorstep and brought him to our place. We took care of him; Julie gave him the necessary veterinary care and persuaded a Dutch couple, Désirée and Ludy, on their annual holidays in Kasteli, to take him with them to the Netherlands where they found a new home for him. Lucky Barney! A very nice and social little puppy.
03-2014 LUCKY has been rescued by Vanessa in Rethymnon. He staid with us for a while waiting to fly to France where he will meet his new caring owner, Vanessa's brother Johann, who adopted him, although he has a paralysed leg. Thank you for him Johann!
01-2014 Ben is a beautiful dog, the kind of dog I would want if I was looking for a companion, because he is full of love and affection. How is it possible that those abandoned dogs can be so exceptional? Ben is, that’s guaranteed! We will miss him since Cretan Animal Protection found a home for him in UK. Good luck boy!
01-2014 Do you recognise Ninja on the right? We have her since May and she is about 8 months old now. She is as we’ve expected: playful and active. She started doing bike-jöring with me and I can assure you that she loves it. She is saying hello to a puppy we’ve found in the olive groves and which we called Pluto. Why not? She is about 5-6 weeks old and after one week already acting as if she was the boss. What is she going to be? Not a clue! Wait and see.

Stuart (Kalives) saved Coleen and Cretan Animal Protection found her a foster home in UK. Unfortunately a car hit her and she had to be operated. In about a forthnight or so, she'll be at home. Those who adopted her are  very lucky, because it's difficult to find a friendlier and more lovable companion. Good luck girl!

Marco staid with us for more than a month waiting to be adopted. Today he is in his new home in UK, a forever companion and friend of his happy owner. A lucky owner to have such a friendly and affectionate dog!

The older stories
These 5 adorable ones, Mana, the mother of Jasou, Stella, Opa and Raki, were adopted by Karen Davies and a friend, George Latham in UK. The puppies were 2 months old when they arrived at our place in July 2011 and they stayed until January 2012, nearly adult and well trained. It was as we were giving our own dogs away, but knowing they were in good hands, we were able to cope with the loss. It was hard though seeing them go!

Behave well my boys! Be happy! We will not forget you!

Margareth and David Norcross adopted Maud (left) and Dolores in June 2011. They found them in front of their gate, being a few days old. They covered all the expenses to have them chipped, vaccinated and boarded till December when they will take them home in UK! Congratulations!
 Shelley and Steve found this young “whatever-it-was” little bitch and adopted her.
A mongrel you said?! Look how she is now! SOLO is her name and she is indeed a unique dog!
This is GYPSY. She was adopted by Margunn Mo from Norway and her American friend Robert who asked us to take care of her till she could leave Crete, going first to Norway before flying to New Mexico, where all three of them will live. I said in some previous comments that we loved every dog we boarded, but Gypsy is something special. She is a stray dog of unknown origin, yet so affectionate, so obedient, so exceptional, that I am very reluctant and sad to see her go end of January 2012. I will miss her as badly as if she was my own dog. 

Helle lives in Tavronitis. One day, she saw an abandoned little puppy, looking at her with despair. She couldn’t let it die from misery, so she tried to catch it, but without success. Finally, 3 weeks later, with patience and tricks, she and some friends succeeded and brought it to us since she had to go back to Denmark. It took Cenna 3 days to approach us, but from that day on she rapidly and constantly improved and after 3 weeks she had completely settled in. Her basic education was a piece of cake, which proves again how easy it can be to train even the most frightened dog. She will leave us end of June to join her new owner Anja in Denmark, who does agility with her little dog and who will train Cenna to enjoy the same game. She will be proficient in it and be very happy! Good luck girl!
Alice and Bob left for UK end of September 2012, adopted by Stella and Michael Shaw from Doncaster, where they will meet their two new friends, two Greyhounds. Guess which one is going to be tired in the evening!
Some breeds have fabulous names: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Australian Ridgeback, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, etc. We just adopted a little female, a Kastelian Julie White Dog, from which it is said that she is the most happy dog of the neighbourhood and which is without doubt the most affectionate and most intelligent of all dogs of the world!
For the first time we have been the victims of a Greek puppy-drop! On Thursday morning, May 16, 2013 I discovered it in a box facing our house. We don’t want a fourth dog! But what could we do except saving it? She immediately looked upon us with waggling tail, explored the grounds, played with Gypsi and two of our visitors and she definitively conquered our hearts. It took her no time to react to her name: Ninja, the black little devil, also called Calamity Two. A second agility champion, for sure!
06-2013 Alias and Jessica, a young danish couple on holiday in Maleme, found BOOBY attached to a tree and they decided to adopt it and to take it with them to Danmark. After the necessary inoculations, he stayed with us for a few days to receive medical care, attention and affection and to socialise with other dogs, which he did marvelously well. Good luck little chap!
08-2013 Craig is a sailor who stayed for a short while at the Cretan military naval base in Loutraki. One day, he found Caroline, a Golden Retriever, fell in love with her and adopted her. We boarded her for a few weeks before she could fly home to UK. Caroline is wonderful! She is obedient, friendly and uttermost affectionate. Craig has won the jackpot! Caroline too! Good luck to both of you!


  1. Guy and his lovely wife Bea helped us to bring our beautiful girl Maia home to the UK. She was so well looked after when we had to return home. Guy arranged her veterinary care, pet passport and pointed us in the right direction regarding her transport home. She lived with Guy and his wife in their own home, learned how to walk on a lead and how to poop outside ! From living as a stray on the beach she must have felt like she won the lottery staying with them.
    She is now home with us and has settled in so well. She eats and sleeps well and is so loving and content. For any pet lover who falls in love with a stray on holiday then Guy and Bea will help you to bring it back home. Val , Steve and Callum, Hartlepool, UK.

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  3. I love to wach pictures from yours boardning kennel Guy!!! my heart is with you every step of the way...thank you and your lovely wife for everything you do..greatings from Anki,Rikard, Johanna, Katarina, John from Sweden